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Find great blogs to read and write for.

Our mission is to empower writers everywhere

We think it should be much easier for bloggers to find and write original content for each other. OpenWrite helps you do just that.

How we make blogging even better


Create your blogger bio

Your bio lets you showcase your blogs and your writing portfolio.

Our free WordPress plugin automatically connects your blogs to your bio, and does a whole lot more too.


Discover blogs to read

You can find new blogs to read on the OpenWrite website or from your own blog's WordPress dashboard.

Rate blogs you enjoy reading so others can enjoy them too.


Write for other blogs

You can advertise for content you need, and write for sites who need it.

Write and send articles directly from your blog, and make WordPress your publishing hub for the web.

Our WordPress plugin rocks too

WordPress powers over 30% of the web
Which makes it the perfect platform to build OpenWrite on. We want to bring the world's biggest blogging network to life (and connect other platforms in the future).

We turn WordPress into your personal publishing hub
Our free plugin lets you send articles directly from WordPress to other blogs, and control who can send you content. It works with or without an OpenWrite account.

Built on top of a secure content exchange protocol (OPWR)
The protocol uses public key cryptography and site ownership verification to let websites seamlessly and securely send and receive content.