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Find great blogs to read and write for. We're making it easy to create original content for blogs you love, using WordPress.

Why OpenWrite?

Blogs always need great content. What if you could create unique and original content for other blogs you love?
  • Build your personal brand by guest-writing for blogs of interest to you
  • Write to boost your income, for recognition or simply to create
  • Find great writers to create original content for your blog
  • Connect and collaborate with like-minded bloggers
  • Discover new blogs that match your passions

How will it work?

For writers
For blog owners
Build your bio
Your bio will let you showcase your blogs and highlight examples of your writing.

Our free WordPress plugin will also enable you to use your own blog to send content to other sites.
Follow blogs you like
You'll be able to browse blogs matching your interests, that you might like to contribute to.

By following a blog, it lets the owner know about your interest.
Create great content
Blog owners will broadcast their content needs to interested writers.

You'll be able to quickly respond by sending a bespoke writing sample, along with your OpenWrite bio.
Register your blog
Our free WordPress plugin will connect your blog/s to your OpenWrite bio.

It will also enable you to receive content from writers directly to your dashboard in WordPress.
Build your following
We'll showcase your blog to writers in your niche, who can register interest in contributing content.

You'll also be able to convert visitors on your site, using the OpenWrite Widget.
Work with writers
When you need content, you'll be able to broadcast it to interested writers.

They'll send you a bespoke writing sample, along with their OpenWrite bio, to help you choose.

Building on WordPress

WordPress powers over 35% of all websites

Which makes it the perfect platform to launch OpenWrite on. Our goal is to supercharge content creation in WordPress, by making it easy to contribute original content to other sites.

We'll make WordPress your personal publishing hub

Our free plugin will let you send articles directly from your WordPress dashboard to other blogs, and control exactly who can send you content.

Using our secure content exchange protocol

Beneath the hood, the OPWR protocol uses public key cryptography and site ownership verification to let websites seamlessly and securely send and receive content.